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Strands Slim Beacon Amber

SKU: 809051
RRP: 86.20 (Excl. tax)

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Strands Slim Beacon Amber

RRP: 86.20 (Excl. tax)
SKU: 809051

Strands Warning light Slim 12-24V DC,Clear lens, amber LED, cable, 17W, IP67

RRP: 57.10 (Excl. tax)
SKU: 809094

Strands Slim Beacon Amber,12-30V

RRP: 92.60 (Excl. tax)
SKU: 809050

Strands Warning light Slim 9-30V DC,Clear lens, amber LED, DIN, 17W, IP67

RRP: 63.80 (Excl. tax)
SKU: 809095

Strands Warning light Slim 9-30V DC,Clear lens, amber LED, magnet + cig plug, 17W, IP67

RRP: 64.90 (Excl. tax)
SKU: 809096

Strands Slim Beacon Amber,12-30V

RRP: 71.30 (Excl. tax)
SKU: 809060

A slim E-approved (ECE R65) LED warning light for pole mounting with switch button and 10 different patterns.We have always developed lighting to be used by every driver every day to make the driver as safe, comfortable, and focused as possible. This product is ADR-approved, which means that it can be mounted on vehicles that transport dangerous goods. ADR is a legal framework for transport that drives dangerous goods on the roads and applies to the countries in Europe. Dangerous goods can, for example, be substances or objects which, if handled incorrectly during transport, pose a risk to humans, animals, and/or the surrounding environment.

    • Type of Lamp LED
    • PCS LED´s 6
    • Voltage (V DC) 12-24V DC
    • Theoretical effect (w) 12V 41
    • Theoretical effect (w) 24V 42
    • Consumption (w) 12V 27
    • Consumption (w) 24V 27
    • IP-class 67
    • Color housing Black
    • Color lens Amber
    • Color LED´s Amber
    • Connection Din Pole
    • Material housing/chassi Rubber
    • Material lens Polycarbonate
    • Height (mm) 139
    • Diameter (mm) 92
    • Operating temperature -40 - +60°C
    • ADR-approved Yes
    • E-approved Yes
    • According to regulation ECE R65
    • EMC ECE R10
    • Length inner box (mm) 42
    • Height inner box (mm) 32
    • Depth inner box (mm) 22
    • Weight (kg) 0,57
    • PCS in master carton 16
    • Length master carton (mm) 420
    • Height master carton (mm) 320
    • Width master carton (mm) 220
    • Weight master carton (kg) 10
    • Taric code 85122000
    • EAN 7323030173555