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Integrity policy

This policy has been developed to describe Strands Group AB’s (reg. no. 556625-0105) handling of personal data based on the requirements of the EU’s Data Protection Regulation.

Strands Group AB stores and processes personal data for staff, customers and suppliers with whom we have agreements. We also handle personal data for those who have actively shown an interest in Strands Group AB as an employer, collaboration partner or for skills exchange. We will also, for marketing purposes, register contact details of people who represent possible partners, customers and possible candidates for employment based on a balancing of interests as described below. Registration of candidates can be based on tips from private individuals, recruitment companies or on information that the person concerned has published himself.

What information do we collect?

When you come into contact with us or are a customer, we may collect information about:

Personal and contact information Name, date of birth, social security number, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.

Financial information – negative payment history etc.

Unit information ‐ex. IP address, language settings, browser settings, time zone, operating system, platform and screen resolution (via Google analytics).

Handling of personal data on the company’s websites

No personal data that visitors have not knowingly provided will be saved.

Cookie policy

To ensure that you receive the most relevant information and the best service when you use our and our partners’ online services, information is collected through so-called cookies on your equipment.

A cookie is a text file that is saved to your device so that the website can recognize your device

This cookie does not contain any personal information. There are two types of cookies, permanent and temporary (so-called session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored as a file on your device for a longer period, while session cookies are temporarily placed on your device and are only used during the time you browse the page and disappear thereafter.

If you want to know when your device receives a cookie, you can set your browser to notify you. In this way, you have the option to accept or reject a cookie. Your device can also be set to reject all cookies. If you choose not to accept cookies, please note that certain features of our online services will no longer function as intended.

Legal support for the processing of personal data

All processing and storage of personal data at Strands Group AB must take place in a legal, correct and transparent manner in relation to the data subject.

The conditions that describe what is a legal treatment and that Strands Group AB refers to are consent, to fulfil an agreement, fulfil a legal obligation or based on a balancing of interests. These terms are described below.


If there is no other legal support for the processing of personal data, consent must be requested from those concerned. Strands Group AB must then be able to show that the data subject has given consent. The data subject can withdraw their consent at any time and have the relevant data deleted.

Complete agreement

“The processing is necessary to fulfil an agreement to which the data subject is a party or to take measures at the request of the data subject before entering into such an agreement.” – Data Protection Regulation Article 6 point 1b.

The above normally applies to persons mentioned in business agreements that Strands Group AB signs. Also applies to most information linked to employment and terms of employment regulated in employment contracts.

Fulfil legal obligation.

“The processing is necessary to fulfil a legal obligation incumbent on the person in charge of personal data.” – Data Protection Regulation Article 6 point 1c.

This mainly applies to data and processing required to fulfil laws and authority requirements, e.g. requirements in the Accounting Act and requirements from the Tax Authority.

Balance of interests.

“The processing is necessary for purposes relating to the legitimate interests of the person in charge of personal data or a third party, unless the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject outweigh” – Data Protection Regulation Article 6 point. 1 f.

Strands Group AB makes the assessment that there is a mutual interest in finding candidates for recruitment and representatives for possible customers or partner companies. Strands Group AB can therefore choose to collect contact information such as (name, role, e-mail address, telephone number) and other information that the person has given us orally or in writing.

Your rights according to the data protection regulation

(Articles 15–18)

You have the right to receive confirmation as to whether personal data concerning you is processed or stored at Strands Group AB. If there is information, you can request access to it and information about the purpose for which it is processed.

Furthermore, you have the right to request that the data be deleted if there is no legal requirement that it be saved. In addition, you can request that incorrect information be corrected.

How do you contact Strands Group AB with questions about the privacy policy?

To find out if we have information about you and if you want to receive copies of this or request, if supported by law, to have your information deleted, please contact

Quality policy

Quality is a fundamental part of Strands Group AB. Quality for Strands means, among other things, that customers’ needs are understood and met, that products that are manufactured comply with the standards and statutes designed for the industry.

  • Market-leading quality.
  • Good service and support.
  • The products must comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Strands is committed to compliance and to continuous improvement of the quality management system.

The company’s commitment to quality must be clear and shown by setting clear goals, that time and energy are utilized to achieve the goals, that employees become involved and develop by being given the opportunity to take responsibility to the greatest extent possible.

The employees’ commitment must be encouraged, and they are expected to actively contribute to the achievement of the company’s objectives. It is everyone’s responsibility not only to follow instructions, but also to alertly report any risks and threats to a good working environment.

In the event of any deviations or disturbances, care for health and the environment must be prioritized.


Johan Carlos – CEO

Environmental policy

  • More resource efficient technology
  • Transport-efficient solutions
  • Subcontractors’ environmental work

Strands primarily provides products that facilitate the work of vehicles on the road. It is of great importance to us that the products that are purchased and distributed have been made from recyclable materials as far as possible, and that environmental impact has also been considered when making decisions within the business.

Products and materials that are handled within the premises provided by Strands are recycled according to the recommended regulations that are outlined.

It is of the utmost importance to keep fuel consumption at as low a level as possible, which is why active efforts are being made to achieve energy-efficient transport.

It is the responsibility of Strand’s management to inform all employees, who in turn pass on the message to customers and suppliers about the responsibility each has in working towards the environmental goals that have been determined.

We aim to be at the forefront of the latest LED technology. We work continuously to develop our products with energy-efficient components, such as circuit boards and diodes.

We strive to protect the environment by minimizing environmental impact. This must be done by working with as climate-smart solutions as possible, e.g., minimized use of office materials, recycle residual waste, prevent environmental risks such as oil spills. In short, to be environmentally aware when decisions are made that affect the business.

We keep up to date on new environmental requirements and undertake to comply with these by adapting our operations so that they harmonize with the requirements that concern us.


Johan Carlos – CEO