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SKU: 850205
RRP: 29 (Excl. tax)

Upgrade your car to an impressive light show with our Strobe LED lamp in radiant orange. This powerful replacement is designed to elevate your vehicle’s style with its flashing appearance and impressive performance.

The replacement is delivered as a single lamp, allowing you to customize the light effects according to your preferences. It is compatible with the T10 socket and easily mounts in the position light bracket. By screwing it into the lamp opening, the installation is smooth and trouble-free.

With 21 different flash patterns, you have complete control over the light show, and the orange color adds a distinctive and eye-catching touch to your vehicle. The replacement is especially suitable for auxiliary lights, creating an impactful styling addition to your car.

The plug-and-play feature makes usage simple and convenient. This high-performance Strobe LED lamp gives your car a personal touch and enhances visibility. Experience the power of light, created to impress.

    • Type of Lamp LED
    • PCS LED´s 2
    • Voltage (V DC) 12-24V DC
    • Theoretical effect (w) 12V 6
    • Theoretical effect (w) 24V 6
    • Consumption (w) 12V 4,2
    • Consumption (w) 24V 4,56
    • Patterns 21
    • Color LED´s Amber
    • Connection Cable
    • Cable length (mm) 1000
    • Material housing/chassi zinc alloy
    • Length (mm) 26
    • Depth (mm) 26
    • Height (mm) 32
    • Operating temperature -30 - +60°C
    • ADR-approved No
    • E-approved No
    • EMC ECE R10
    • Black cable - (Negative)
    • Red cable + Positive
    • White cable Constantly connect to black wire to achieve low intensity
    • Yellow cable Pattern Selection + Synchronization/Asynchronization
    • Length inner box (mm) 60
    • Height inner box (mm) 50
    • Depth inner box (mm) 150
    • PCS in master carton 50
    • Length master carton (mm) 325
    • Height master carton (mm) 315
    • Width master carton (mm) 275