Microwave 230V, 20l

SKU: 999906
RRP: 174.70 (Excl. tax)

This microwave is user-friendly with a volume of 20 liters and power of 700 W. You can quickly choose how you want to cook your food with 5 different power modes. This way you get the perfect heating of your food. The microwave also has a defrost function that removes ice and frost from, for example, your fast food or thawed meatballs. The microwave oven has a manual knob where you set your settings for how the food should be cooked. Inside, the microwave is spacious with its rotating plate of 25.5 in diameter.

Power: 700 W
Volume: 20 liters
5 power modes
Defrost function
Rotating glass plate

    • EAN 7350133815914
    • Warranty 1 year