LED sign. suitable for Volvo XL,38x199cm

SKU: FSV38199
RRP: 1,765.60$ (Excl. tax)

Frontsign is a thin, elegant, and extremely effective lighted sign, designed with maximum light output, thus fully focusing on the message, name, or logo you want to display to the worl. With its 8 mm thin, moulded acrylic sheet, FrontSign is among the thinnest LED signs in the trucking market. Mounted within the sign is a genuine 24V LED circuit that can be connected without the use of a converter. An effective fuse against reverse polarity protects against short-circuting. The lighting installation is protected by an aluminium rail that protects against overheating by the LEDs. This supports the sign´s extremely long life. The light distrubution is uniform throughout the plate, and the light output of 1152 lumens per meter is the markets highest, and 40% higher than other signs on the market.The signs is super-flexible and bendable. This eases installation and helps to ensure durabillity. Mounting kit is included.

    • Type of Lamp LED
    • Country of origin Denmark
    • EAN 7323030082406