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Welcome to the frontline of warning lights and the updated Cruise Light strobe controller 2.0. It has many exciting opportunities for automotive light styling. The strobe controller can be connected to up to 6 lights with a maximum of 30W power consumption each, enabling a strobe light function to any light. Choose between 12 strobe light patterns and separate cruise mode/steady on to maximize your vehicle’s look. There are several choices of standard and dynamic patterns. The Cruise Light strobe controller 2.0 has a cast aluminum housing that has IP-class IP68, making it very durable and resistant to water and hard use. It is delivered with a 3-year function warranty.
How to connect the Cruise Light strobe controller:
Strobe controller 2.0 has two channels in and six channels out, with six red (+) cables and six black (-) cables. The cables are connected to the lights in sequence. If some of the cables are not used, please isolate the cable ends to keep moisture out and to avoid short-circuiting the PCB. If the light is already connected to ground/chassi there is no need to attach the strobe controllers’ black cables.
With the new blue cable for steady on/cruise mode, you no longer need to go through every pattern to get back to steady on, but you can always return to steady on directly from any pattern. It can be connected to the vehicles’ position light signal.
For the incoming power, you have a black, red, and yellow cable. The black cable is connected to ground or the battery (-), the red cable is usually connected to the battery (+), a switch or a button inside the cabin, and the yellow connects to the red one to choose between the patterns and is usually connected to a button or switch. The blue cable is for steady on/cruise mode. It can be connected to the vehicle’s position lights if you want to have the lights on at the same time as the position lights. By connecting the red cable it will be a priority and start flashing on a pre-selected pattern. Since some of the patterns are dynamic/running, it´s important to connect the channels in the order you want the lights to flash.

    • Voltage (V DC) 10-35V DC
    • Patterns 12
    • IP-class 68
    • Connection Cable
    • Cable length (mm) "4 wires in:500mm, 12 wires out:500mm for each channel"
    • Material housing/chassi PC
    • Length (mm) 100
    • Depth (mm) 50
    • Height (mm) 17
    • CC (mm) 25/90
    • Operating temperature -40 - +65°C
    • ADR-approved No
    • E-approved No
    • Black cable - Ground
    • Red cable + Positive
    • Blue cable Steady on
    • Yellow cable Pattern selection
    • Mounting details included Screws
    • Length inner box (mm) 210
    • Height inner box (mm) 135
    • Depth inner box (mm) 32
    • Weight (kg) 0,19
    • PCS in master carton 50
    • Length master carton (mm) 500
    • Height master carton (mm) 500
    • Weight master carton (kg) 17,3
    • EAN 7323030191436