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Strands Single housing for LED,Fits IZELED series.

SKU: 800112
RRP: 34.20 (Excl. tax)

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Strands Single housing for LED,Fits IZELED series.

RRP: 34.20 (Excl. tax)
SKU: 800112

Strands Double housing for LED,Fits IZELED series.

RRP: 45.20 (Excl. tax)
SKU: 800113

Strands Rubber gasket for tail light,Used instead of rubber housing

RRP: 7.60 (Excl. tax)
SKU: 800112-P

Strands Lighting Division’s best-selling light of all time. The IZE LED series has revolutionized the market and consists of rectangular and round lights in clear-tinted, dark, or colored lenses, offering different functions for various needs.

More innovative, more eye-catching, more you. The IZE LED series combines style and function to give you a look you’ve always wanted but never knew existed. It’s not just for driving; it’s for making a stylish entrance, leaving an impression that’s all about you.

Loaded with power and cutting-edge features, it captivates from every angle and adapts effortlessly to various vehicles. It’s fully E-approved, and the installation is a breeze, and its quality remains high regardless of year or mileage.

IZE LED is loaded with a rich, deep, and powerful glow designed to stand out on the roads. The glow creates a whole sunset behind you and completes your vehicle in a way that is simply you. The IZE LED is the number 1 choice if you drive for passion.

    • Color housing Black
    • Material housing/chassi Rubber
    • Length (mm) 155
    • Height (mm) 130
    • CC (mm) 43
    • ADR-approved No
    • Length inner box (mm) 100
    • Height inner box (mm) 130
    • Depth inner box (mm) 160
    • Weight (kg) 0,862
    • PCS in master carton 24
    • Length master carton (mm) 495
    • Height master carton (mm) 285
    • Width master carton (mm) 290
    • Weight master carton (kg) 21,8
    • Taric code 85122000