Strands Lighting Division

SIBERIA DR bar bracket,Suitable for Siberia DR/DRC/RT/NL/DRT and 58-70mm bars.

SKU: 809185
RRP: 71.30$ (Excl. tax)

Siberia DR bar bracket is developed for Siberia DR/DRC/RT/NL/DRT series. The bracket is adapted to be screwed to the back of DR/DRC/RT/NL/DRT LED bars for mounting on bars. It´s also adapted to fit the L-bracket included in DR/DRC/RT/NL/DRT LED bars, for hanging and standing mounting. The bracket can, of course, be used for other applications as well. The bracket can handle a diameter of 58-70mm. The brackets are sold in pairs. What´s included:2x top2x bottom 2x bolt + 2x nut, for mounting the lighting, size M84x screw, 4x washer, 4x lock washer, and 4x nut to clamp the bracket4x rubber mat, placed between the frame and the bracket, partly to protect the frame and to get a better attachment.

    • Unit PAIR
    • Length inner box (mm) 110
    • Height inner box (mm) 92
    • Depth inner box (mm) 130
    • Weight (kg) 0,68
    • Length master carton (mm) 265
    • Height master carton (mm) 480
    • Width master carton (mm) 235
    • Weight master carton (kg) 14,5
    • EAN 7323030183981