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RRP: 79$ (Excl. tax)
SKU: 809259


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With an eye-catching style and a size that will fit any vehicle, the FOR9T No-Glare 31 W work light has a wide beam and high brightness. With the No-Glare functionality, the upper part of the beam is cut off and softened, lessening glare and preventing accidents and tired eyes. The beam has 1400 lumens, 6500 kelvins, and a range of 48 m. It is easy to install, thanks to the 150 mm cable with a DT-4 connector. Made with high-quality aluminum and polycarbonate, you can be sure it will be a lasting addition to your vehicle. It operates at 10-48V DC and has an IP rating of IP69K. The product has EMC-certificate ECE R10 and is covered by Strands Lighting Divisions’ 3-year function warranty.

At Strands Lighting Division, we’re passionate about enhancing every driver’s daily experience through innovation and quality. In the new FOR9T family, functionality and cutting-edge technology meet an unexpected design. The position lights offer a unique look with hypnotic lines that propel you into the future. The FOR9T honeycomb pattern in the lens is a perfect background for the bright lights. With a diverse range of FOR9T products, you can achieve a complete and stylish look for any vehicle.

FOR9T IS PASSION. The FOR9T No-Glare work light 31W lets you work safely and passionately through the night. Thanks to the revolutionary lens, the light output is cut off, stronger in the lower part of the beam, and diffused further up. This will prevent tired eyes caused by glaring lights in dark conditions, as the more diffused light is less blinding to the naked eye. Where conventional work lights shine in all directions, the FOR9T No-Glare projects a focused beam exactly where needed. Combined with the 180° adjustable bracket, it gives you control to create the optimal illumination for your needs. Don’t let the darkness stop you. The night belongs to you.

    • Type of Lamp LED
    • PCS LED´s 2
    • Voltage (V DC) 10-48V DC
    • Theoretical effect (w) 12V 40
    • Theoretical effect (w) 24V 40
    • Consumption (w) 24V 31
    • Functions work light
    • Theoretical lumen 3600
    • Actual lumen 1400
    • 1 LUX @ m 48
    • Kelvin 6500
    • IP-class 69K
    • Color housing Black
    • Color lens Clear
    • Color LED´s Amber, red, white
    • Beam pattern wide beam
    • Position light Amber and red
    • Connection Cable
    • Cable length (mm) 150
    • Material bracket Stainless steel
    • Material housing/chassi Aluminium
    • Material lens Polycarbonate
    • Length (mm) 108
    • Depth (mm) 70
    • Height (mm) 65
    • Height including bracket (mm) 73
    • Operating temperature -40 - +65°C
    • ADR-approved No
    • E-approved No
    • EMC ECE R10
    • Black cable - (Negative)
    • Red cable + Positive
    • White cable Red Position light
    • Yellow cable Amber position light
    • Mounting details included Bracket and bolts
    • Length inner box (mm) 135
    • Height inner box (mm) 130
    • Depth inner box (mm) 95
    • Weight (kg) 0,62
    • PCS in master carton 16
    • Length master carton (mm) 390
    • Height master carton (mm) 272
    • Width master carton (mm) 280
    • Weight master carton (kg) 12
    • EAN 7323030190279



Be inspired; the night is yours. During every hour of the day, Strands’ is there to provide you with a powerful and flawless lighting solution. We put all our years of experience into creating the FOR9T series. Our drive for innovation is mirrored in the design of the position lights, a look full of passion and personality.


The lens’s groundbreaking configuration gives the FOR9T No-Glare work light an exceptional, user-friendly light output that prevents tired eyes. Thanks to the textured upper part of the lens, the upper part of the beam is softened while the lower maintains its brilliance. The result is a strong illumination that doesn’t dazzle your eyes and focuses on the task ahead. FOR9T No-Glare is available in 31 w and 78 W models.


The No-Glare functionality provides a comfortable light for you to work in and reduces the risk of dazzling others around you, thus increasing safety. The light ensures others can see you can see others, significantly lessening the risk of accidents and miscommunication.


With the distinct FOR9T lines of the position lights, any vehicle will get a mesmerizing new look. Choose between red and amber lights to get the style you want. Let the spreading lines of the position light draw you forward and into the future. The diverse range of FOR9T products lets you achieve a comprehensive and stylish look for any vehicle.